This past week has been great!! Working with Sidra Bell and Jonathan C. on “LILY” was such an amazing process and to work with someone as fresh and new as Sidra and to have her come and set an all new piece of work on us was almost unreal to me. I never thought that I would be a dancer that Sidra would use for her work and here I am along with these eight other girls who probably thought the same thing. I knew all of the dancers before but after this process I feel like we have become more of a family and have a better reletionship outside of the studio. I am honestly obsessed with Sidras work and she is a black woman making huge strides and taking over in the dance world in silence. I hope to work with Sidra again (hopefully very soon since I’m graduating) and I would even love to be a part of her company. Maybe even Jonathan’s company! Either one would be amazing but again, to work with either one would be fantastic!!

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