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I'm Rian! I love life, my family, dancing, my friends, my dogs, and I Love to Love!! I post what I want. Most of it's random. But my life is random so... here you go!

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." - Henry David Thoreau
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So tomorrow Sidra Bell is teaching a master class at 11:20. Doug and Lemomo’s classes are combined and I KNOW that I have spanish but I really want to take her class!!! I mean I have her for rehearsal but it’s not the same… I want to take her class. I think I’m going to skip spanish… But I don’t know if I wanna use my skip??? Ugh!!!! WTH?? Why do we have attendence in college?? This is one of the things I hate about PPU! Grrrrrrrrrrrr….. But I’m gonna skip. Unless my body is dead after Jonathan’s class at 9:40. See that’s two master classes in one day! I should totally do both even though they just might be the same. But what if Sidra decides to come to the 9:40 as well??? Either way I am NOT doing my spanish homework tonight. I’ll do it tomorrow after class… wether it be spanish of Sidra’s Master Class.